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Plans and Pricing


Here at SixWeekChallenge we have three membership plan levels: Free, Premium & Premium Plus. Free gives you access to our article content and the lite version of our 6 week transofrmation plans. Premium Members also get coaching, accountability and private group access where they can collaborate and encourage each other.

Free Forever

  • Access to all article content
  • Access to Basic Transformation Plans
  • Free for life
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Premium Plus

  • Access to everything in Premium
  • Hands on email support for 3 pillars
  • 1to1 Coaching Call each month
  • Access to nutritional expert
  • Access to our on-staff Doctor
  • Pay montly instead of yearly
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to sign up for this?

All of our members are normal people who are unhappy with the life they have and know they are capable of more. We’ve discovered that this unhappiness is almost always a result of inbalance between the three essential pillars of life (Mind, Body and Spirit). If you are over weight this program can help you. If you are unhappy and dis-satisfied with your life, we have challenges that will help you overcome that. Or perhaps you’ve just always felt something was missing from your life. Then this is for you too!

This is a personal development program, not a medical treatment plan. Any and all advice received here should be examined by your doctor(s) in the event you are suffering from any medical condition, physical or mental.

Is this a cult?

No cults here. This is not scientology, or any other sort of weird program that will mess with your mind. We are not secular, nor are we intollerant of any religion or faith. You can believe in anything you wish, we just ask that you believe in something bigger than yourself. We don’t teach religion and we do not dictate which God you should believe in. We do however feel that without some element of Spirituality that the human condition does not perform as well in life.

What is your refund policy?

It’s simple. We want you to have a lasting transformation from the unhappy situation you are currently in to the long lasting, permanent happiness that you deserve. As such you can try your first transformation plan without risk. Give it a month of honest commitment to your daily and weekly tasks and you will see a change. We’re absolutely positive about that. So much we guarantee it! At any point during your first 5 weeks you can cancel and we will refund in full. No quibbles, no arguments.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up.

This sounds kind of faddy. Does this really work?

No definitely not. This is totally just a joke! A tiger doesn’t change it’s zebra stripes as the expression goes.

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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